• Samira’s Iranian cook book has been nominated as the best cook book by the world’s most prestigious competition, gourmand awards, in year 2016. The Iranian Cook Book, which is registered as a National Heritage Book in the National Library of Iran, Has become the most complete illustrated Iranian cuisine book. The varieties of beautiful jeweled rice dishes, hearty winter dishes, and crisp summer salads showcase the diversity of Iranian regional cooking, from the sweet and sour flavors of the Northern Caspian Coast to the spicy and aromatic tastes of the South and the Persian Gulf. 800 pages: illustrated (color), 2 volume, 319 recipes, 613 pictures, First Printed in Iran in 2009 ISBN: 978-600-94194-4-9


  • Samira’s Desserts Book, including 306 illustrated pages, consisting of a wide selection of Samira’s creative traditional desserts, has won the first place in gourmand awards competition among 205 countries and more than 29 thousands titles of books and has been registered as national heritage in national library of iran. Every recipe has step-by-step instructions and is illustrated by a glorious color photograph so you can see exactly what you aim to achieve. Cook’s tips are inserted throughout, containing handy suggestions and adjustments for alternative materials or ingredients, as well as additional elements to make each dessert more extravagant.


  • The title of “the special book of the year” in gourmand awards competition in year 2018 has been assigned to samira’s cookies book. This book also has been nominated as “the selected book of the year “ of 2013 in Germany Leipzig competition and awarded a Golden Statue Award from Iran’s Exquisite Art Books Festival as the selected exquisite book of the year. The book begins with a short introduction covering the main ingredients, techniques and simple equipment needed to make the recipes, with cook’s tips and Samira’s special suggestions and advices Covering all the traditional teatime favorites. 368 pages: illustrated (color), 1 volume, 109 recipes, 250 pictures, First Printed in Iran in 2010 ISBN: 978-964-04-6641-4


  • Samira’s table decoration book has been registered as national heritage in national library of Iran. In this book Samira Jannatdoust offers an abundance of delightful ideas for adorning the table with stylish settings and decorations for every possible occasion, from the simplest weekday suppers to classic celebratory dinners. This visually luscious book is packed with 376 illustrated pages of deceptively simple ideas for creating table settings, napkin folding, flower decoration, gift wrapping, fruit art and Samira’s innovative touch in Persian traditional spreads. 376 pages: illustrated (color), 1 volume, 161 Designs, 834 pictures, First Printed in Iran in 2012 ISBN: 978-964-04-8102-8


  • Samira’s international cookbook, which offers more than 170 recipes, has won the first place in the world’s most prestigious book competition, Gourmand awards, in year 2014 among 205 countries and 26 thousands of titles. In year 2015 it was also chosen as the best of the best of last 20 years in case of recipes. In this work of art Samira has gathered the best dishes of different nations. To make the taste closer to Iranian taste and make the food easier to cook she has made some changes in ingredients considering not to change the principles of the culture and taste of international recipes which make Iranian people able to get acquainted with international foods.


  • Nothing brings a smile to your face like a sweet treat. Cake and pastry book of samira has been registered as national heritage in national library of Iran in year 2014. On this book she guides home bakers to create delicious and beautiful cakes of all kinds with confidence and ease. Each cake has been expertly tested using the best ingredients and most up-to-date techniques by Samira. Samira shows you how to create any type of cake from cupcakes, fruit cakes and pound cakes to designed chiffon and sponge layer Cakes. The reliability and satisfaction of the subscribers of the previous works led to a fourth edition of the book in less than 2 years in twenty thousand circulation.


  • Samira’s drinks book has been titled as one of the top 7 books in drink section by gourmand awards competition. This book not only considers the taste of the drink, but also indicates the miraculous properties of vegetables and fruits and spices. In this book different kinds of milkshakes smoothies and super healthy drinks have been taught. Samira’s tips in herbal tea, syrups and vitamin drinks can provide the essential vitamins for human body.