Paniz Book

Paniz Mehr Iranian Institute, with the aim of providing the Iraninan magnificent art, attempted to set up and publish encyclopedias of food and culinary arts in the form of Paniz book series.

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Samira Jannatdoust

Samira Jannatdoust, born in 1349 in Tabriz, is widely and internationally recognized as a leading figure in food industry education. She started her work from 1365 in Tabriz and has been succeeded to continue her work in this field by attaining a prominent place.

Paniz Institute

Paniz Mehr Iranian, managed by Samira Jannatdoust, has started to work as the first institute of food industry in east Azarbayjan (city of Tabriz) in 1369 and its second branch has been opened in 1385 in Tehran under the terms of the Technical and Vocational Education Organization.