“Art is the highest and the most beautiful indicatorof the identity of a nation.”


Samira Janatdoust is working as a cooking coach for about 20 years. She holds a certification for management of educational institute and cooking coach certification from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Technical and Vocational Education Organization. For the last six years, her main focus was on holding cooking classes in her private institute, Paniz Mehr Iranian. In these years, thousands of people have been benefitted from her classes and many of them are working in this field at the moment. The efforts, innovations, and holding culinary educative programs in domestic and foreign television programs has turned her into a distinguished coach in the field of culinary arts. She was selected as an expert in national skills competitions and the top national female entrepreneur in those years; then was introduced as Iran’s superior female cooking figure from World Food Organization and was selected as Iran’s superior culinary figure by Technical and Vocational Education Organization. In the light of these efforts, the international institute of Paniz Mehr Iranian has become a well known name among those interested. Years of experience, studying various sources, and Mrs. Janatdoust’s interest in preserving the traditions and rituals of Native Arts has caused her to make extensive research in this regard and it’s result is compilation of exquisite culinary, dessert, cookies, and table layout book series. Her Traditional Cooking book was registered as a national heritage in 2011 by Iran’s National Library and the Paniz Traditional and Modern Cookies book was awarded a Golden Statue Award from the Exquisite Art Books Festival as the selected exquisite book of the year. With compilation, regeneration, and recreation of valuable memorabilia of mothers of this land in the field of traditional cooking, she has succeeded to present a precious, yet operational collection which is available in many Iranian kitchens, hotels and restaurants.

PANIZ International Scientific, Educational and Cultural Research

Paniz Institute, managed by Samira Janatdoust, was founded in March 2010 with the aim of protecting the food traditions and rituals of Iran. Since then, different branches of Paniz academic schools, continued to … as subsidiaries of the institute and likewise the Paniz Mehr Iranian publication also started to work as a subset.

 The main Objectives and Programs of Paniz International Institute

Cognition and recovery of the nutrition culture of Iran and its propagation
Providing a technical support for the researchers in the field of food culture
Creating the Cultural Heritage Institute, specialized in the field of nutrition
Collaborating with academic and research institutions in the preparation and publication of magazines, books and professional journals
Establishing specialized workshops for structural studies, bedding and Nutrition Pathology
Using the capabilities of ICT to promote its goals
Opening branches in provincial capitals
Creating virtual training centers
Representation of foreign companies and granting international agencies
Study, research, and publication of encyclopedia series of the Iranian rich culture and civilization in the field of food industry, cookery, and pastry, which four titles of it have been prepared and published so far